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"The power of 2bMore lies in the fact that they can quickly assimilate the issues. Thanks to their solution, we are able to communicate with our target audience in a structured way. We no longer waste time with internal coordination and searches, allowing us to focus on output."
"2bMore has extensive experience and professional expertise in email and data processes that perfectly match our needs and requirements."
"We have selected 2bMore because of the substantive knowledge of the team, as well as the speed with which it works."
"Rather than thinking in terms of IT, 2bMore thinks from a business perspective. They have comprehensive knowledge of merging data streams in a way that supports the business."
"2bMore is an excellent partner to work with: fast, reliable, flexible and forward-looking."
"The power of 2bMore lies in two areas: the solution and the organisation. I need to be able to rely on being able to serve our customers each and every day. Thanks to 2bMore, I can do exactly that."
"It is great working with Ternair. It is a professional company offering professional service at a professional price."
"2bMore has repeatedly proven to be a very flexible partner. They understand our business like no other and offer the right technical solutions to a range of issues in a very pragmatic manner."
Pieter Lieverse - CEO - WEKA Business Media
Marc Jansz - Customer Media Manager - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Charles van Zandbergen - Manager Marketing & Sales Operations - DTG
Ceesjan de Vos - Head of Marketing & Business Development - Vakmedianet
Christian Matthees - Business Analyst - Springer Nature
Erwin van Faassen - Joint owner and founder - Admitter
Maarten Lommen - Online Team Leader - BSL
Vanessa Visser-Lub - Manager Marketing Services - RAI Amsterdam