Ternair Campaign - Email & Campaign management


Flexible data integration
A complete customer view forms the basis of campaign management. Customer data from online and offline data sources is quickly and simply linked together and made accessible within our campaign management environment. Per batch and, where necessary, in real time so you can respond directly to the behaviour of your customers and prospects. No more limitations with data, because all customer details are available anywhere and any time.

Cross channel
The campaign management environment provides an integrated solution for setting up, implementing, measuring, monitoring and managing data-driven 1-1 campaigns across all channels (e.g. email, text messaging, push messages, mobile apps, post and telemarketing). Marketers have the tools for highly focused and finely meshed selection of target audiences, creating dynamic content suitable for all devices and sending relevant, personalised messages based on complete and up-to-date customer data at the right time.

Simplicity, speed and efficiency
The user-friendly interface enables marketers to build, adapt and expand campaign workflows in a straightforward way. Raise the marketing productivity because new campaigns can be set up quickly by copying and re-using templates while scheduling and automatically running periodically repeated campaigns ensures an efficient operation.

Ternair Profile - Realtime personalisation

Identify, enrich and understand
Personalisation starts by recognising customers and visitors. Our solution offers a range of options for identifying, enriching and analysing anonymous or known visitors and customers. The recognition of customers and the knowledge built up about them form the basis of the personalisation and alignment of your own offering and communication.

Personalising and customising content
Our solution facilitates the delivery of personalised content matched to the profile and behaviour of the visitor. The customer experience is optimised through the linking and unlocking of customer data and content in your websites and other touchpoints. The user-friendly interface enable marketers to set up, adapt and expand data-driven content blocks and decision rules.

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