Ternair Interact - Preferences & Consent (opt-in)

Administration of newsletters subscription
Automate the entire process of subscribing and unsubscribing to newsletters (opt-in & opt-out) and preferences within one single, user-friendly interface. Our solution facilitates the automatic handling, administration and management of subscriptions and unsubscriptions of newsletters and lists.

Privacy law
We facilitate an extensive and unlimited registration of data, including history, in order to comply with privacy legislation.

Ternair Interact - Leads

Centralise and manage the administration of leads
Centralise and manage the administration of leads obtained from websites and portals in real time. Our solution facilitates the online collecting, administering and unlocking of leads. The central solution is the starting point for your lead generation and nurturing process.

Lead nurturing
On the basis of (real time) behavioral data and lead scores, leads are provided via automated communication with relevant content resulting in a marketing or sales-qualified lead.

Ternair Interact - Acces & Entitlement

Unlock closed content in websites
Our solution facilitates the real time unlocking of shielded, closed content in your websites. Like a spider in a web, we unlock customer data from backend information systems to your websites.

Central login platform
The login process on your websites, web stores and portals is supported from a single central source. Various internal and external authentication methods are used to establish the identity of the user. Aligned to your situation, always with the right blend of ease and security.

Key management
The data model has been optimised for the management of customer keys (unique IDs) for connected customer systems. These “customer keys” are automatically matched and linked to the unique account in the database.

Attribution of rights (authorisation)
After authentication of the user, a user profile is compiled and collected in real time. With this profile, it is possible to grant access to content on the basis of contracts, memberships, newsletters, IP addresses, promotional codes and user properties. Our solution offers marketers the tools to unlock personalised and closed website content quickly, securely and effectively.

Ternair Interact - Clicks

Identifiable click behaviour
We recognise, identify, tag, administer, and enrich the click behaviour on your websites using a range of methods (including digital fingerprints). Get information about who is visiting your website, the pages they vistit, how often they return, etc. Herewith we build a database with unique visitor profiles and link them to your current customer profiles.

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