Ternair Marketing database

Golden record – 360° view customer
We build marketing databases in which customer data from every available internal and external system is integrated into a 360º customer view. Customer information from online and traditional offline data sources is pre-processed, standardised, matched and merged once any duplicates have been removed. This creates a “golden record” in which all data for each customer is organised.

Analyse and enrich the customer profile
The clear customer view forms the basis for gaining insight into customers and their behaviour. Individual customer information is enriched by calculating dynamic profile attributes. All data is unlocked in a user-friendly, web-based interface that provides an overview of and insight into your customers and their profile.

Speeding up marketing processes
We ensure that all your customer data is available (on time) and usable. The benefits of centralised and complete customer information form the basis for inbound and outbound marketing processes. Combined with straightforward and powerful functionalities, we can speed up your marketing processes.

Ternair Datamart for reporting

Clear dashboards
Translate your business goals into measurable indicators by organising your data and making it suitable for reporting and analysis purposes. We facilitate a central database solution in which data from different data sources, such as data from the CRM system, web statistics, campaign management, etc., is automatically replicated, edited and organized. You can use your own reporting tool to access the data in the Ternair Datamart.

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