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Marketing Automation

Solutions for data-driven 1-1 campaigns across all channels.

Design, plan and execute targeted, personalised 1-1 communication at the right moment through the most suitable channel.

Link customer data and profiles in real time to your customer touchpoints, and make content relevant to visitors.

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Customer Identity

Data platform for recognizing and managing digital customer profiles.

Provide control on the management of newsletters, preferences and consent.

Centralise and manage the administration of leads in real time obtained from websites and online portals.

Provide access to protected, private content by authenticating and authorising users.

Identify and enrich click behavior on your websites with the aid of trackers, digital “fingerprints” and log-in information.

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Erik van Stiphout | | +31 (0)30 687 71 03

Customer Data Integration

Solutions to create a single, 360° customer view.

Collect, integrate and match all your internal and external data sources within one central marketing database.

Organize and make (parts of) data from the entire Ternair Marketing Automation Platform available for reporting and analysis purposes.

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Erik van Stiphout | | +31 (0)30 687 71 03

Ternair Marketing Automation Platform

2bMore delivers solutions using the Ternair Marketing Automation Platform.

Ternair Marketing Automation Platform is a powerful and robust web-based software suite to gather, integrate, combine and use high-volume customer data in marketing processes. The platform has a modular setup and all components are reusable.

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