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Vakmedianet is the Netherlands’ leading B2B publisher, with respected publications for professionals in numerous functions and sectors. For several years, Vakmedianet has been undergoing a transition: the communities that the publisher used to serve on paper needed to be continued and expanded online.

Logging and unlocking click behaviour

For Vakmedianet it is relevant to know who the professionals that use their content are. For this reason, Vakmedianet wishes to link their customers’ profiles to analyses of their reading behaviour. In so doing, a detailed understanding of visitors’ interests is brought about creating opportunities to respond accordingly.

“Rather than thinking in terms of IT, 2bMore thinks from a business perspective. They have comprehensive knowledge of merging data streams in a way that supports the business.”

To bring the data together to form clear customer views, different data sources containing customer data are merged in a marketing database and unlocked with the campaign management environment. With the aid of special trackers from the email and campaign management system and using digital “fingerprints”, all of the click behaviour is recorded. This is then made accessible for marketing purposes within the Ternair environment.

Since the implementation, Vakmedianet has had an integrated customer view compiled from different data sources: customer profile, subscription, transactions, newsletters and click behaviour. This gives Vakmedianet the capability of clearly demarcating, selecting and approaching specific target audiences with relevant personalised content.

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