Personal environment for exhibition visitors

RAI Amsterdam organises and facilitates congresses, trade fairs and events. Each year, RAI Amsterdam facilitates more than 50 international congresses, 70 trade fairs, events and more than a thousand smaller congresses, presentations and meetings attracting more than 1.5 million visitors

Increase customer satisfaction

A lot of exhibitions that RAI Amsterdam organises are extremely big. Many of them have an international character and draw visitors from all over the world. Visitors often want to get the most out of their visit. To help them accomplish this, RAI Amsterdam wanted to further integrate the existing systems into a personal environment for each visitor so that they could prepare their visit. 2bMore has created a “MyRAI” environment for this purpose.

“We are a project organisation with very clear deadlines. Everything must be ready when the doors to an exhibition are opened. 2bMore understands that. They tackle projects quickly and ensure that everything is ready on time, which suits us very well.”

There is a self-service area in the “MyRAI” environment where visitors can maintain their profile for the relevant community. Moreover, logged-in visitors get additional capabilities on the website, such as compiling “MyExhibition”: a personal selection of exhibitors, seminars and exhibition events. Registering for an exhibition can be done with a couple of clicks.

Visitors indicate that they appreciate the ability to prepare their visit through the platform As such, the platform contributes to higher levels of customer satisfaction at RAI Amsterdam.

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