Data-driven app platform for events

RAI Amsterdam organises and facilitates congresses, trade fairs and events for over 1.5 million visitors a year. A lot of exhibitions that RAI Amsterdam organises are extremely big. Many of them have an  international character and draw visitors from all over the world. These visitors often want to get the most out of their visit.

Real time connection to data sources

With a personal environment for every visitor, RAI Amsterdam is committed to making it possible for its exhibitors and visitors as straightforward as possible to prepare for their exhibition visit. To increase accessibility to their personal environment, RAI Amsterdam went looking for an app that could connect with the database in real time.

“It is great working with 2bMore. They think from a business point of view rather than just a technical one. Moreover, they can adapt quickly, which is important to us.”

The app needed to offer visitors the possibility of preparing the exhibition visit anywhere and at any time of the day. Using the app, the programme, the exhibitors and the products can be viewed and, where necessary, added to their personal profile. The exhibitor can use the app to create extra exposure and gather leads. After conducting thorough research into providers and capabilities, RAI Amsterdam opted to go with 2bMore. The deciding factor was that 2bMore was able to link the existing data to the app in real time. The great benefit of this is that the data is always up to date.

In two months’ time, 2bMore implemented the app platform. With this platform, RAI Amsterdam can assemble and introduce new apps in a very short time. There is a choice out of several templates, each of which can be styled separately for the different events. This gives each app its own appearance in the house style of the event.

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