Lead nurturing and lead scoring

DTG offers practical online marketing services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam company helps entrepreneurs to be easier to find, to present themselves online and to get in touch with new customers.

Speed and efficiency

For DTG, all SMEs in the Netherlands are potential customers. By offering targeted content such as white papers, expert articles and workshops, the company converts visitors to into leads. To capture and identify these leads and deliver them at the right moment to Sales, 2bMore has deployed and set up its Ternair Marketing Automation Platform.

“DTG has selected the Ternair Suite because this platform provides all the functionality needed to manage and initiate all interactions with customers and prospects via all channels. In addition, the expertise of the 2bMore team, and the speed with which they worked, played an important role. The implementation of the Ternair Suite was ready in no time, including the customisation needed in order to connect the platform seamlessly with DTG’s processes and organisational structure.”

A ‘single customer view’ of all customers is constructed, consisting of profile information, contacts, contracts, as well as information on what the prospect/customer has done or received at what moment and via what channel. In order to subsequently convert visitors to leads, a process of lead scoring follows. To feed this process, fully automated, event-driven campaigns are sent out in Ternair Campaign, based on (real time) behavioural data and lead scores. Once they have been qualified, leads are automatically sent on via Ternair Campaign as ‘sales task’ to DTG’s customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Since the implementation of the Ternair Suite, DTG’s lead-nurturing process has improved considerably. Every day, more than 250 leads are captured and followed up on with Ternair Campaign.

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