Multi-brand email marketing

Admitter is an agency that handles email marketing for business target audiences. This Leiden-based company takes care of partner emails on behalf of advertisers. For the management of databases, the selection of addresses and sending of emails, Admitter sought a solution which required the possibility of placing the entire process under a single application.

Centralise and manage data

Given the business-critical importance of the whole process, Admitter opted to go with 2bMore. Using Ternair Marketingdatabase, 2bMore offers a dedicated product for managing address databases. Customers are automatically recognised through fuzzy matching and then merged. Profile information is automatically assembled and enriched.

“The power of 2bMore lies in two areas: the solution and the organisation. I need to be able to rely on being able to serve our customers each and every day. Thanks to 2bMore, I can do exactly that.”

Target audiences are selected according to all fields in the marketing database an the response to email campaigns. Email campaigns can be set up and circulated on the basis of a single dynamic template and all components (sender, subject and content) can be personalised for each media brand. The entire implementation took only three months to complete.

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